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[FAQ] TorBox.NET – The Local Torrent Search

What is TorBox?

TorBox is a torrent search engine with a twist – it shows all items found but first – the torrents available in your vicinity. If the content is near you, the download speeds can be extremely fast. TorBox algorithm is based on sophisticated network analysis and the odds are it gives very relevant response.

How to use TorBox?

Write some query in the search box (for ex. "ubuntu") and hit the Search button. Search results marked with "green" will most probably download very fast. Your ISP must be registered with us for you to see the high-speed marks.

Why is it better than, say, is a very comprehensive meta-search engine but it does not mark the torrents near you. Using TorBox will probably give similar results but sorted according to the network proximity. This greatly increases your chances of having very fast downloads. Your ISP needs to be registered with us.

Do I need to install some software?

TorBox shows links to torrents in the search results so you must have some torrent client installed to download content. We suggest uTorrent but of course you can install any client of choice.

I see a red warning and no any "green" bars!

If you see a red warning reading "Your ISP is not a member of the Peering Network…” this means your ISP is not registred with us and you still don’t have access to the high-speed downloads. Click on the "register a request" link to help your ISP join the service.

No red warning but still no Ns on some searches?

The content you are looking for is not yet available on the Peering Network. You can still download the content at your regular Internet speed and in such way make it automatically available for the other users on the network. Yes, it's a sharing thing. All users need your support and it doesn’t cost you anything!

What are the categories above the search box?

When people publish content on the Internet they tag it with some category like Video, Audio, Games, etc. TorBox cannot check the validity of these tags but they are displayed for your convenience and they are true most of the time. You can report if a content is inappropriate or in the wrong category.

Is the content displayed in the search results family safe?

Just like Google, TorBox makes all possible efforts to display family safe content when the "Safe Search" is turned on. If you discover inappropriate content showed in "Safe Search" mode, please report it immediately for automatic removal.

Can some content be harmful for my computer?

A word of warning – although most of the time content shared by users is safe, sometimes it might be dangerous. TorBox is unable to verify the content or its source. Look for the sign which is a third-party guarantee that the content is clean. We suggest that you always keep anti-virus software installed and updated. You have to be responsible and mind your safety!

How does TorBox know which content is near to me?

It’s a highly sophisticated IP technology based on network proximity. Every interested to provide high-speed downloads to their subscribers may register with us. Then based on your IP address TorBox can estimated how well are you connected to peers who have the content in question. It’s quite tough job but luckily it works.

Is the content I find on the search results legal to download and use?

TorBox has no any means to check or advise if a content found on the Internet is legal or not. So, be aware – not all content published on the Internet is legal. It is the full responsibility of the uploaders and downloaders to respect the laws of their states. TorBox does not host any content, including even torrent files – it just shows links to what’s already available on the Internet – much like Google, Yahoo and many other search engines do.

I can’t find what I’m looking for. Can you help me?

No, we can’t. TorBox is not dealing with any kind of content requests. We are a meta-search engine to show you what content we have found near you, available on the Internet.


Magnet Download
Torrent Download
Google Search

Chrome Extension

According to it's author, the Torbox Exstension has been removed from Crome Web Store by Google itself. Stay tuned for additional information regarding the case.


Magnet Download is the recommended way of fetching torrents from our location-aware index.

Torrent Download is going to be phased out in the near feature due to the low reliability of the 3rd party Torrage mirrors that actualy host the .torrent files linked here.


TorBox is a search engine like Google, Yahoo and others.

TorBox does not host any content including .torrent files nor is TorBox associated with any content hosting service.

TorBox does not show web links to any content.

TorBox only acts as on-the-fly search and shows magnets and hyperlinks to torrent files already made available by third parties on the Internet.